Accessories for TOX Powerpackages

Our extensive range of accessories, configured especially for the TOX Powerpackage, expands the usage possibilities for the pneumohydraulic drive.

The CAD download section contains, however, just a limited number of selected, popular items. Please contact us if you need the product data of a part which is not presented here.


The size of the accessories shows you to which size of Powerpackage they fit:

e.g.: ZMS 02 can be used for Powerpackage S/K/X-S/X-K 002


Tool coupling ZWK: safe joining element between drive / tooling, prevents side loads

Mini Ram ZMS: 2-column guided ram (coupling ZWK inclusive)

Coupling flange ZKF 

Rod End Load Cell ZPS: The load cell ZPS measures forces in the direction of the applied force

Antirotation device ZPSV for pressing force sensor type ZPS 

Feed and return stroke monitor ZHU

Electronic pressure switch ZDO: Specially adapted to the TOX Powerpackage

Antirotation device V