The TOX®-Powerpackage range download section is organized according to the data sheet 10.00 which is available in pdf format in the brochure download area.

Attention should be given to the large number of cylinders marked green in the lists: these are products of the "Preferred Series", offering a significant advantage regarding price and delivery time.

They – and especially the line-Q cylinders - should always be the first choice.


Standard Series S / Q-S, X-S

Compact Series K / Q-S, X-K

Type RZS - The Powerpackage wit enhanced precision and adjustable flange mounting

Pneumohydraulic Intensifier System X-KT

The 'split' Powerpackage can be used for applications with limited space requirements or where a small working cylinder is needed.

The system consists of the following:

  • Pressure intensifier X-ES
  • Working cylinder X-AT or hydraulic cylinder HZ
  • Hydraulic hoses with Hydrosplit-Coupling
  • Pneumatic hoses
System KT with 4 hydraulic cylinder HZ

Up to 6 working cylinders or hydraulic cylinders can be connected to one intensifier. 
A complete X-KT system is delivered pre-filled with oil, but the components are separate for shipping and ready for easy hookup with the Hydrosplit-Coupling. 
A step by step guide to selecting the right X-KT system can be found in the X-KT catalog. Please feel free to contact us to select the best combination for your application requirements.


X-AT + X-ES: use this combination when high approach and retract forces and fast approach speeds are required.

HZL + X-ES: use this combination when a short cylinder and a cost effective solution is needed.